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With its experience earned in 15 years in the sector, our company which has started to go into action, to present the dignity it gained to you, our invaluable clients, to progress into becoming one of the leading companies of the sector throughout the trust we won. To become the pioneer of the engineer knowledge in the sector, Wimac Crane & Engineering which uses it in the upmost efficient way from the project phase until the delivery, is constantly developing by the consistency of education. Having appealed to get the ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system certificate, still documentating its products with CE certificate. With its engineer and technical equip within its body, our company, is proceeding to the upmost levels by increasing its activities in the lifting equipment production, steel contsuction, consultancy in domestic and foreing markets through design, project and application.
YEKTAMAK Machine and Engineering establishing in 2013 has been rendering service to meet the special requirements of many sectors, notably automotive sector, in safe of our founding partners having academic background and almost 35 years experienced competent engineer and production staff by implementing tens of project since the establishment, although it is a young company in terms of its establishment date. YEKTAMAK has been implementing projects in required quality standards with attention in all processes from determining of customers’ requirement to delivery of project, such as design, endurance calculation, computer aided simulations, production, quality control and test. Until today YEKTAMAK has put many special projects into service, such as various special machine and system solutions, automatic control systems, conveyor and transportation systems, versatile production fixtures, various cranes and lifting systems. Our aim as YEKTAMAK is to let our customers to reach an advantageous position against their rivals in national and international market by basing on the principle “Focus on R&D and Innovation” in our services and meeting the increasing requirements of our customers with the developing technology.
Our company was founded in many years ago under different product groups and started manufacturing of cranes with principle of the most acceptable prices and highest guality to you, our highly respectable customers.We prosecute our production in Industrial Zone now. In our company, we produce monorail, double girder, gantry and jib cranes elaborately and with all facilities that is provided by technology and by our expert technical and engineering team. Our production capacity tends toward progress trend in each year. Increasing our capacity by the rate of 20% as against each passing year. Our company has been competative even exterritory of Turkey betvveen competitors in vvorlds top popular markets besides serving excelently to our developing industry and industrialists. Our machines are currently exported to high-toned countries like Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, lraq, Jordan, Macedonia, Greece, Belgium, Croatia, Romania, Russia, Azerbaijan, Qatar... We seized on philosophy of consistent customer satisfaction and improvement from sub to top grade. We are happy to begin years one jump ahead than lastyear as both increasing our capacity and seizing on technological and scientific developments that was gained by 21 st century. We want to thankyou our worthy customers who are the most important cause in background of our development. We are adding value to our existing values as intergating ali innovations which can be useful for you and follovving technological, scientific, administrative and culturel developments. Our company which keeps forefront our customers satisfaction who are the source of our success, not only during sale but also in after-sales service developed its service cuality in order to solve your problems fastly and economically during 7days 24 hours. So we can reach each point latest in 1 day around in Turkey.
We are the leading hydraulic equipment manufacturing company in Turkey and export our products lots of countries since 2009. Our product list, - Hydraulic sliding car recovery equipment, - Fixed type platform car recovery equipment, - Lift-away car recovery equipment with Crane, - Truck tail gate lift, - Double deck car carrier, - Truck Bodies, - Hydraulic equipments, loading ramp, sicossor loading platform, cargolift, aircraft service vehicle equipment, wheelchair lift, - Mobile Crane, working basket platform, - Ambulift, - Hydraulic equipment parts, - Hydraulic winch, Electrical winch, - Electric Car
Ozfatihler crane machinery industry began in the early 1990s through the leading of founder Abdullah Cimen in Konya being candidate of the heart of the industry in Turkey. Our company proved itself in Turkey as a giant manufacturer starting from a small shop and targeted to prove Turkish technology to everyone in the world. Giving the service, after-sales customer satisfaction and feedback our company has also won the approval of its competitors.
Al Huda is a “one-stop-shop” providing supplies, services and expertise. From project inception – to execution – to completion. Thus it offers clients with just one contact and supply point for all their specific needs.     Our supply chain services include turn-key fabrication projects, production lines, industrial machines, industrial materials, metal working machines and media broadcasting solutions.     Our production line includes overhead cranes, galvanising plants & equipments, and transfer cars.     Choosing our company as your partner leads you into success of your business. Our reliable service and competitive rates are called to deliver you unmatched customer experience. Just provide us with the information about your needs and our specialist will follow and provide you the best solution.